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Car Hire Snapshot

Do you want to rent a car and a driver for your holiday in India? India Journey is a unit of Delhi Car Rental, in fact our travel business grew out of years of experience in the car hire field.

If you have already planned your holiday in India or perhaps you are visiting India for business, we can supply any range of vehicle at competitive prices. If you are looking to transport a group, we have vehicles to suit.

All our drivers speak English, we also call you every day to make sure you are happy with our services.

Take a look at our range of vehicles, a selection of which you see below with a guideline of prices for sightseeing within the city. For journeys outside Delhi NCR, we have a rate per kilometer. if you have any specific queries don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team.

PLEASE NOTE : There are many new hotels springing up on the city boundaries, for this reason we would like you to be aware that our airport collection is based on delivering you to a hotel in New Delhi central city and within 15 kms radius around the center (Connaught Place).

The below mentioned price for cars are not fixed. The price can go up or down (subject to availability).

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Maruti Dzire
Passengers :Max 4 (+ driver)
Delhi:INR 1400 (80 km + 8 hr)
Outside Delhi :INR 11 per kilometer
Toyota Etios
Passengers :Max 4 (+ driver)
Delhi:INR 1500 (80 km + 8 hr)
Outside Delhi :INR 12 per kilometer
Toyota Innova SUV Regular
Passengers :Max 6 (+ driver)
Delhi:INR 1900 (80 km + 8 hr)
Outside Delhi :INR 15 per kilomete
Toyota Innova CRYSTA
Passengers :Max 6 (+ driver)
Delhi:INR 2400 (80 km + 8 hr)
Outside Delhi :INR 18 per kilometer

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